Sales techniques

Define and improve your sales profile

Course objectives

  • Understand how to achieve great sales performances including cross selling

  • Understand one's own style

  • Learn how to answer objections and close deals

  • Emphasis will be put on maximizing the number of role plays with video feedback

Introduction: What is success?

Leveraging know-how

  • Identifying skills, qualities, effective behaviours of a great sales person
  • Where are you in relation to the ideal?
  • What barriers exist between you and this vision and how can you overcome them?

Case Study

Maximising know-how

Awareness as an access to performance

Diagnosing your style and your customer's style

  • Bolton and Bolton questionnaire to diagnose Social Style
  • Develop ability to flex style and to influence more effectively
  • Making the right impression on your customer
  • The importance of the 3 Vs - Visual, Verbal and Vocal impact
  • Mirroring and matching styles
  • Managing the relationship with integrity - the emotional bank account

Push versus pull

  • Describe a successful sale : what brings success, what leads to failure?
  • Tell versus ask approaches to selling - selling with questions and listening
  • How to control the conversation (not the person) and blending push/pull
  • Listening: listening styles, great listening, bad habits
  • Understanding empathy and handling negative messages from your customer

Case Study

Sales pitch exercise

  • Planning a pitch “under the gun” to feel the pressure of a live situation
  • Study video recording and generate feedback to enhance effectiveness

Objection handling

  • Challenges: types of objection encountered and strategies for handling them
  • Principles of objection handling - “right here right now” model
  • Objection handling scenarios

Negotiation/Trading manual

  • Your style in dealing with conflict or competitive situations : TKI questionnaire
  • When to go for the compromise, the win/win or to say No
  • Thinking out of the box

Your ability to close

  • What stops us from closing?
  • Reminder of the psychology of decision
  • Create the need to go further. How to create and maintain a meaningful silence?
  • Identify the purchase signals and what to do with them?
  • How to adapt your physical behaviour accordingly?

Case Study

Neal Cooper

Neal Cooper

Neal intervenes in the UK and France on management, communication and sales techniques. He shares with you his experience gained with financial clients as well as in the financial services or industry.

Oscar Relier

Oscar Relier

Oscar has worked in corporate finance and trading room for SBC Warburg, UBS and Deutsche Bank. He masters the mechanism, use and pricing of derivatives. Also trained in behavioral techniques, he designs and conducts training on public presentation and on the issues of communication and management.

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