Prepare for a certification exam

Obtaining universally recognized designations such as CFA, PRM, CAIA, IFQ or the AMF certification exam gives you a significant professional advantage and is a proof of your knowledge and skills, as well as your professionalism and motivation. It distinguishes you as an expert within your industry.

Preparing for these exams requires rigorous work and important personal investment. Our aim is to help you in this process and provide you the best chances of success.

Barchen’s method guarantees you the best chances of success in the CFA, PRM, CAIA or the new AMF certifications. We perform a free study of your needs and together develop accordingly a preparation method that is best suited to your needs and availability.

Bärchen guarantees you the best chances of success

A perfect knowledge of each candidate allows us to customize the course content.

  1. A study of your needs
    We analyze together your knowledge level on topics required for the exam. For each topic we determine the amount of work required and this might include :

    • a simulation of the exam conditions,
    • a refreshment of already mastered knowledge,
    • extensive training on the topic.
  2. Customized course
    • Morning or evening course, and possibly on Saturday,
    • Small groups of similar level or one-to-one course.
  3. A dedicated team
    • our team of tutors are experts in the preparation for those exams and have themselves obtained the certifications,
    • your training is reinforced by three Bärchen team members, who are always at your service.
  4. Management and online training
    • planned actions on a monthly basis according to your schedule and progress,
    • online training for the exam at your convenience: questions, mock exams, feedback
    • personal reporting.

In practice

How long ?
Nothing is fixed but our experience shows that it is often necessary to spend at least 180 hours per level of PRM, CAIA or CFA. This time is divided into two thirds personal work and online training, and one third – a course with a tutor.

How much ?
The study of your needs is free and without obligation. The course costs 2800 € for CFA, PRM and CAIA, depending on the number of courses and teaching method. Additional one-to-one course: 350€ ET for a 2-hour course. Preparation for the AMF certification costs 880 € ET for a 4-hour course.

Where ?
Group courses take place in Paris. One-to-one courses as well as the study of your need can take place in your office. A tutorial via telephone or online can also be scheduled.