Money Market funds: the French way

New directive and fund management techniques

Course objectives

  • Understand the issues and comment on the current panorama of this French specialty

  • Equate regulatory developments on both the investors' and managers' side

  • Anticipate the business and financial impacts

What is expected from the fund manager

  • Return on a daily basis
  • Reduce interest rate risk
  • Limited credit and counterparty risk

KYC and adapt to investor's horizon - How to succeed ?

  • Restricted bond issues
  • Asset swaps
  • Structured products and derivatives
  • Liquidity in any circumstance
  • Finely tuned accounting

Case Study

Impacts of the new EC Directive

  • Two categories of MM funds
  • Constant NAV funds
  • Consequences for the manager
  • A new paradigm on the marketing side

Case Study

Conclusion: Any future abroad for the French know-how ?

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