Legal aspects of carbon trading

Market and legal aspects

Course objectives

  • Know the legal specifics of the carbon market

  • Understand the qualification quotas elements

  • Identify the economic issues of the carbon market


  • Different types of Emission Certificates
  • Different financial markets for carbon trading
  • Who regulates carbon financing ?

Legal qualification of Emission Certifiicates

  • The issue of the qualification of Emission Certificates
  • The solution for Emission Ceritificates

Trading of Emission Certificates

  • The EU Emission Certificate, a financial instrument ?
  • Which market for the Emission Certificates ?

Recent news on Carbon Trading

  • The report of the mission lead by Michel Prada on the regulation of carbon trading
  • The regulation of carbon trading at the European level

Clément Saudo

Clément Saudo

Clement is an attorney with the law firm Gide Loyrette Nouel. He intervenes in the negotiation of agreements for financial futures including on FBF and ISDA, on operations of credit derivatives, on litigation related to derivatives and more generally on post-market issues and on the rules governing the organisation of banking or financial actors.

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