Money Market funds: the French way

New directive and fund management techniques

Course objectives

  • Understand the issues and comment on the current panorama of this French specialty

  • Equate regulatory developments on both the investors' and managers' side

  • Anticipate the business and financial impacts

Course content

What is expected from the fund manager

  • Return on a daily basis
  • Reduce interest rate risk
  • Limited credit and counterparty risk

KYC and adapt to investor's horizon - How to succeed ?

  • Restricted bond issues
  • Asset swaps
  • Structured products and derivatives
  • Liquidity in any circumstance
  • Finely tuned accounting

Case Study

Impacts of the new EC Directive

  • Two categories of MM funds
  • Constant NAV funds
  • Consequences for the manager
  • A new paradigm on the marketing side

Case Study

Conclusion: Any future abroad for the French know-how ?

Frédéric Bompaire

Frédéric Bompaire

Fréderic is the manager of a management company specialised in corporate and institutional clients. He first gained diverse experience in financial markets in Paris and London before turning to management on behalf of third parties. Having lived the launch of SICAVAS money market funds in 1981, he has continuously paid close attention to this type of management by working with different professional associations.

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